Consent to transfer data to ADV2

ADV2 services are provided by Payean Finance Inc, company number BC1333355, 1771, Robson Street, 1373, Vancouver BC V6G 1C9, Canada – which acts as a controller as defined in General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

You may export your personal data linked to your existing Advcash account to ADV2 to simplify setting up your new ADV2 account. If you agree, you don’t need to go through the verification process again.

Categories of personal data to be transferred:

  • Name, Surname;
  • User id;
  • DOB;
  • Citizenship, country, city, postal code;
  • Email;
  • Phone number;
  • Login IP;
  • Results of identity, address, bank card verification;
  • ID document, proof of address document details;
  • Pictures of ID/PoA document submitted during verification;
  • Masked bank card details (if any);
  • Linked e-wallets (if any).

Your consent is valid until the data transfer to ADV2 is terminated.

Your personal data is transferred to the controller in a third country. The Canada is declared as offering an adequate level of protection through a European Commission decision of 20 December 2001.

Personal data will be further processed by Payean Finance Inc. in accordance with ADV2 privacy notice published on ADV2 website.

You further acknowledge and agree that your electronic acceptance of this document shall have the same force and effect as a written ink signature, and that by ticking the box “Agree to the personal data processing” or “Agree” on the ADV2 Mobile Application or through similar action, you have provided informed written consent to Advanced Cash Limited with respect to transfer of your personal data as described above.